JDA On The Road
Recording Equipment:
B&K, Josephson, Røde, Earthworks, Shure
Mixers, Mic Preamps & AD:
Millienia Media, Black Lion Audio 'Auteur', Mackie Onyx, Symetrix & Black Lion Audio 'Sparrow' AD
Recording Medium:
Digidesign 002R (modified by Black Lion Audio), using Pro Tools & Peak Pro 6XT
CD & Hard Disc recorders (for back-up):
Tascam CD-RW900SL & M-Audio Micro Track II
Microphone & Interconnect cables:
Ruben's Sound Works custom audio cables & Monster Cable
Audio Snakes:
ProCo 16 X 4, Rapco 8 X 4, Monster 4 ch. & ETS InstaSnake
JDA Custom concert mic stands to 20 feet high
Monitoring Head Phones:
Audio-Technica ATH-M50, Beyerdynamic DT770pro, Ultrasone PROline 650
Sound Reinforcement:
Klipsch KP-250 & Cornwall, Yamaha, EV & EAW speakers
QSC, Crown & Bryston amps
DBX & Behringer EQs


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