JDA Studio
Behind the scenes at JDA. (What does it take to create the magic.)
Power Mac G5 Dual 2.3 gig, G4 1.3 gig, & MacBook Core 2 Duo with over 2 terabyte of online editing storage.
CD-R, DVD & DVD-Audio Duplicator:
Disc Makers ReflexAuto 3 - robotic automated duplication system
CD & DVD Burning Software:
Roxio Jam(6) & Toast Titanium(9), discWelder BRONZE (DVD-Audio)
Mastering Hardware:
Digidesign 002R (modified by Black Lion Audio) & MBox 2 Pro
Editing & Mastering Software:
Protools 8 & Peak Pro 6XT w/Bias, Waves & Ozone plug-ins
Audio Monitors:
Meyer HD-1s, Infinity Kappa 9.2i, VMPS Super Tower IIar, Velodyne ULD-18 THX subwoofer
Power Amps:
Meyer, Bryston, NYAL Moscode 150, Adcom 7500 THX
CD/DVD-Audio Players:
Pioneer Elite DV-45A & Pioneer DV 578A
Editing Desk:
Omnirack ProStation


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